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Who we are

Estonian Refugee Council provides support services to beneficiaries of international protection in Estonia and humanitarian aid to people who have fled their homes abroad. We are one of the main competence centers on forced migration and integration in Estonia.
Our mission

Our mission is to stand for the rights and well-being of refugees and other vulnerable groups in Estonia and abroad.

Our vision

Estonian Refugee Council is a provider of direct support to refugees and other vulnerable groups in as well as outside of Estonia and a renowned and independent competence center on forced migration and integration.

Our values:

in our work we follow the humanitarian imperative, that is, everybody's right to receive aid when they need it.


we provide services and aid based on the need and without discriminating based on anybody's social identity or political views.


we acknowledge the people we support as experts of their own lives and situations, we help them make informed decisions and create opportunities to follow their goals, without making decisions or choices for them.


we base our actions on the best current knowledge and evidence, but we also look for and work out new solutions to old problems and are not afraid to experiment.


we keep in mind that all of our activities are financially and environmentally sustainable.

Our Team

Eero Janson
+372 517 4334
Madle Timm
Head of Communications
+372 5783 5266
Helen Vellemaa
Head of Finance
Anu Kaiv
Councelling Programme Trainings Coordinator
Christopher Ghaiath Almajdoub
MPC Technical Lead
Tatevik Khudinyan
Food Security Technical Lead
Kristiina Soosaar
+372 5464 0007
Kristi Juurik
Head of HR
Veronika Saareväli
Head of Councelling Programme
Marion Tamberg
Head of Community Programme
Maria Elisaveta Roosalu
Communications Officer
Liine Toomse
HR Officer
Anneli Teppo-Toost
Community Programme Officer in Saaremaa
Liubov Ivanova
Financial Officer in Ukraine branch
Vitalina Hrabovska
HR & Finance Assistant in Ukraine branch
Helika Saar
Head of Advocacy and Protection Programme
Janek Innos
M&E Manager
Taisi Liivamägi
Information Management Assistant
Artem Bednarsky
M&E Team Lead in Ukraine branch
Elena Babakova
M&E Assistant in Ukraine branch
Rostyslav Kolomoets
M&E Assistant
Iryna Kovalevych
Livelihoods Team Lead in Ukraine branch
Elena Ostapets
Livelihoods Assistant in Ukraine branch
Marina Stepanenko
Livelihoods Officer in Ukraine
Yuliia Tur
HR Officer in Ukraine branch
Anastasiia Doroshenko
Kyiv Office Assistant
Serhiy Kishchenko
Legal Officer in Ukraine branch
Olga Grigorenko
MPC Officer in Ukraine branch
Viktoriia Svystun
MPC Officer in Ukraine branch
Daria Filimoshkina
MPC Officer
Evgeniya Shymshyt
MPC Officer in Ukraine branch
Kateryna Rudenko
MPC Officer
Tetiana Merezhko
MPC Officer in Ukraine branch
Iryna Oliynyk
MPC Officer in Ukraine branch
Sofiia Padalka
MPC Officer
Svetlana Bykova
MPC Officer in Ukraine branch
Tetiana Miadzel
MPC Officer in Ukraine branch
Anastasiia Shurgai
MPC Officer
Danylo Dmytriev
MPC Officer in Ukraine branch
Svitlana Gorkavchuk
M&E Assistant in Ukraine branch
Jekaterina Kalinitseva
Communications Officer
Iryna Kholondovych
Riin Kikkas
Head of Livelihoods and Economic Recovery Programme
Mariia Beriuchkova
Dnipro Office Assistant
Taavet Tomberg
Livelihoods and Economic Recovery Programme Officer
Omar Alakhras
Head of Jordan branch
Laura Ombler
Head Of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Programme
Kirke Piirikivi
Leader of Social Entrepreneurship
Kätlin Bowden
Community Programme Officer
Mirjam Rennit
Head of Education and Awareness Programme
Patrik Persson
Education and Awareness Programme Officer
Angeelika Viir
Community Programme Officer in Western Estonia
Kristel Roossaar
MindSpring Programme Coordinator
Anastasiia Luchenko
Counselling Programme Assistant
Olivia Jõgi
Internal Communications Officer
+372 552 5533
Astrid Org
Community Programme Officer in Southern Estonia
Xenia Danilova
Community Programme Assistant
Mari-Ann Kütt
Junior Accounting Officer
Reelika Pihlak
Claire Irene Franco
Project Development Officer
Valeria Mihhailova
Councelling Programme Officer
Yuliia Apukhtina
Community Programme Officer in Ida-Viru and Lääne-Viru County
Mariann Näär-Raudnagel
Jätkusuutliku toimetuleku programmispetsialist
Grete Karelsohn
Livelihoods and Economic Recovery Programme Officer
Viktoriia Shchutska
Councelling Programme Officer
Irene Salumets
Community Programme Officer in Tartumaa
Sofja Popova
Support Person Service Officer
Piret Pärna
Procurement Officer
Riina Kuusik-Rajasaar
Donor Relations Officer
Maris Sander
Advocacy Officer
Yana Voronenko
Nõustamisprogrammi koolitusspetsialist
Hanna Dudar
Nõustamisprogrammi koolitusspetsialist
Irina Oleinish
Councelling Programme Training Officer
Katariina Raid
Tallinn Office Assistant
Jorge Saint Aubyn
Web Developer
Daria Menshakova
Communications Officer in Ukraine branch
Alla Nikolenko
Procurement Officer in Ukraine branch
Natalia Grigorashchenko
Raamatupidaja Ukraina esinduses
Maria Vydysh
Financial Manager in Ukraine branch
Vitalii Demchuk
Security Officer in Ukraine branch
Shadi Alzoubi
Tetiana Guliyan
MPC Team Lead in Ukraine branch
Raisa Ostapets
MPC Team Lead in Ukraine branch
Alina Emilianova
MPC Team Lead in Ukraine branch
Olesia Kosinska
Accountant in Ukraine branch
Oleksandr Nezhyvyi
MPC Program Assistant in Ukraine branch
Stepan Nenakhov
Food Security Junior Officer in Ukraine branch
Maria Yarotska
Jätkusuutliku toimetuleku programmi meeskonna juht Ukraina esinduses
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