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Estonian Refugee Council received the “Respecting Differences” label

"Austere erinevusi" märgis. Foto Teet Raik

On 29th of May, the Estonian Refugee Council was awarded the "Respecting Differences" label, which recognises the efforts of public sector organisations, entrepreneurs and NGOs to value all employees along with their differences and unique qualities.

According to Sigrid Solnik, Estonian Refugee Council's Head of Estonian Programmes, it is crucial, working in the humanitarian field, to base the daily work on one of the central principles of the sector – the equality. “Equality guides us both in our work with those in need and in creating and maintaining the internal climate of our organisation.”

The "Respecting Differences" label is issued by the Estonian Human Rights Centre in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. The label, awarded since 2018, serves as both a recognition and an opportunity for growth for employers who value diversity and strive to create an inclusive working environment. The label was granted to 60 companies, public sector organisations and NGOs. The label is valid for two years.

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