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Estonian Refugee Council Celebrates World Refugee Day with a Community Festival

Pagulaspäev 2024



The Estonian Refugee Council will host a vibrant community festival on World Refugee Day, 20 June, from 12:00 to 16:00 at Telliskivi Creative City to show solidarity with people of refugee backgrounds.

According to Mirjam Rennit, specialist in the Education and Awareness Programme of the Estonian Refugee Council, World Refugee Day highlights issues related to forced migration: “There are currently around 120 million people worldwide who have had to relocate due to conflicts or persecution. The community festival is an opportunity to show support for those who have had to leave their homes.”

Additionally, the festival dedicated to World Refugee Day offers a chance for communities to meet. “On World Refugee Day, we bring together people living in Estonia with migrant and refugee backgrounds as well as locals. The festival atmosphere allows people to get acquainted with different community cultures through food, music, and creative activities,” said Rennit.

The family-friendly festival will feature a street food area where people of migrant and refugee backgrounds from Turkey, Syria, Ukraine, and Sri Lanka will sell traditional foods. Workshops introducing various cultures will offer the chance to learn how to make Turkish bulgur salad and Sri Lankan chai tea, and to craft Ukrainian guardian angels. Throughout the day, musicians from Estonia, Ukraine, and Belarus will perform, and fun games and workshops will be held in the children's and youth area.

The Estonian Refugee Council's migration-themed exhibition “Voices from Crises: Stories of Displaced People” will be open at the Kolme puu gallery in Telliskivi Creative City. At the festival information area, everyone can ask questions and gain new insights about forced migration and refugee-related facts.

The community festival is organised by the Estonian Refugee Council in cooperation with Telliskivi Creative City, the UN Refugee Agency, NGO Mondo, and Izumi Youth Club.

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