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Community events

Community events

As part of the community program, we regularly organize group activities and larger one-off family events. Participating in events and group activities helps support mental health, social and cultural adaptation, creates a sense of belonging, prevents isolation and contributes to further integration.

As a part of the community programme we organize regular group activities and larger family events. The group events have varied from adaptation clubs and women’s confidence workshops to sports and cultural activities. Taking part in community events and group activities supports mental health and is essential for social and cultural adaptation. It gives a sense of belonging, prevents the feeling of isolation and helps with further intergation. 

The activities of the community programme give people with migrant background an opportunity to: 

  • meet people with different backgrounds and experience a sense of unity; 
  • get support and motivation to learn Estonian and to get to know Estonian culture; 
  • make new connections and find friends in Estonia; 
  • increase a sense of belonging and support one's mental well-being; 
  • generate and execute new ideas and be an active part of society. 

ERC is commited to making our community events accessible for different vulnerable groups, such as the LGBT community, elderly persons and disabled persons. 

The activities are held all over Estonia, focusing most on areas with the largest population of people with migrant background. There is a Community Coordinator for every region who organizes the progamme in their area. 


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