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Community programme (all languages)

Estonian Refugee Council has been conducting various community-oriented activities since 2017.

The programme aims to create a more cohesive society by supporting refugees in adapting to a new society and the local or host community in the inclusion of newcomers. In addition, the community programme aims to identify systemic and practical obstacles to adaptation and integration and ensure the rights of refugees.

As part of the community programme, we regularly organise group activities, such as men's and women's groups, adaptation clubs, children's camps, and family events. Participating in events and group activities helps support mental well-being, and social and cultural adaptation, creates a sense of belonging, prevents isolation and contributes to further integration.

The activities of the community program give people with a refugee or migrant background the opportunity to:

  • Meet people from different backgrounds and experiences to feel that they are not alone.
  • Get support and motivation for learning the Estonian language and getting to know the culture.
  • Create new networks and acquaintances and make friends in Estonia.
  • Provide a sense of belonging and thereby improve mental well-being.
  • Actively participate in social life and thereby initiate and implement new ideas.

When organising community events, ERC considers accessibility to various vulnerable groups (for example, the LGBT community, older people, and people with special needs). The activities are organised all over Estonia, focusing mainly on regions where more people with a refugee or migrant background live. A designated community coordinator manages each regional programme.

Donor: UNHCR, The United Nations Refugee Agency

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