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Medical Assistance

The first step to entering the Estonian healthcare system is to go for a health checkup. See more at

Free general medical examinations are provided for all war refugees arriving in Estonia from Ukraine. The general medical examination is free of charge for those who remain here without a visa, as well as for those who apply for a temporary residence permit. Free general health check-ups are available in all regions throughout Estonia. More information. You can find a suitable time and location here.


On the basis of the general health examination, you will receive, if necessary, a health certificate, which is required for employment in certain positions. Children need a health certificate to continue their education in the Estonian education system.


Essential medical services

  • For Ukrainians, essential medical services are free of charge. 
  • Health advice is available in English and Russian from the family doctor's advice line 1220 (0.3€/ min) (+372 634 6630 from a foreign number). If necessary, the person will be forwarded to the emergency number 112.
  • Pharmacies may also accept paper prescriptions issued in Ukraine, except for narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs. It must be clear to the pharmacist which medicine is prescribed for the person.
  • Psychological support is available from the crisis to support telephone number 116 006 (+372 6147 393). In addition, you can also chat online at Support is provided in Estonian, English and Russian.

In addition to emergency care, Ukrainian war refugees have access to emergency dental care, COVID-19 testing and COVID-19 vaccination, and public health services.

General medical care

Family medical centres provide general medical care to all Ukrainian refugees, without the need to be registered as a family doctor. Family medical centres provide medical care as needed and refer patients to a specialist for further examinations or necessary procedures. To go to the family medical centre you must contact the centre in advance, the list with contacts can be found here.

Quickly offers times as well: Confido, tel. 6009090.


If a refugee, who works, has fallen ill and needs sick leave, they must contact a family doctor to formalise temporary incapacity for work. If  they are not yet on the family doctor's list or if you have difficulty finding a family doctor, they must call the Health Board +372 7493572 or +372 55941136.


Help for pregnant women and gynaecological patients

Maternity Hospital Perinatal Centre (Ravi tn 18, Tallinn) 

Phone: 5308 0874 (24/7)

Registration of pregnancy (Mon-Fri 7.15-18.00)

Phone: 666 1900 or e-mail: 

Pregnancy crisis counselling (Mon-Fri 09: 00-21: 00)

Phone: 8002008

Medical examinations are performed:

  • In the Magdalena unit, reception can be booked 620 7390 (Mon-Fri 8 am-4 pm);
  • In the Ravi unit, an appointment can be booked 666 1900 (Mon-Fri 8-16).


Health insurance

Ukrainian war refugees are not automatically insured in Estonia. The refugee must first apply for temporary protection from the Police and Border Guard Board.

In Estonia entitled to state Health Insurance are children under the age of 19, students, pregnant women, the unemployed, those on parental leave, dependent spouses, pensioners, carers of the disabled and people with partial or incapacity for work.

The employee's health insurance takes effect 14 days after the employee's registration by the employer, i.e. date of signing the employment contract + 14 days. More information.


There are two options for those registered as unemployed at the Unemployment Fund:

  • If a person has worked in Ukraine before coming and/ or has children under the age of 8, they will be entitled to unemployment benefits and in that case the Health Insurance Fund insurance will take effect on the 8th day after registering as unemployed at the Unemployment Fund.
  • If you have not worked directly/ have no children under 8 - you will be registered as unemployed - in which case the Health Insurance Fund will take effect on the 31st day after you are registered as unemployed.

You can read more about the possibilities of obtaining health insurance here.


Prescription drug

  • Pharmacies may accept paper prescriptions issued in Ukraine, except for narcotic and psychotropic drugs. It must be clear to the pharmacist which medicine is prescribed for the person. Prescription drugs are not given out without a prescription.
  • The refugee receives the prescription from the nearest health care provider or family doctor centre.
  • Prescription medicines are compensated by the Health Insurance Fund if the person has health insurance. Until temporary protection and health insurance are obtained, there will be no drug benefits for Ukrainian war refugees in the purchase of medicines.
  • If a person does not have the money to buy medicine, he or she must first rely on his or her community and, if the need for help persists, contact Social Insurance Agency: , phone +372 612 1360.
  • If you have any questions regarding medicines, please contact the State Agency of Medicines: , phone +372 737 4140.


Psychological help

Free psychology consultation by Ukrainian psychologists at the refugee center at Niine 2, Tallinn, for people who have received temporary protection status in Estonia or have applied for temporary protection.

Round-the-clock psychosocial support for people arriving in Estonia from Ukraine is ensured, incl:

  • 116 006 Victim Support Crisis Helpline. Counselling in Russian and English.
  • Or by phone 6604500 (open 10 - 24);,  They can also help in Russian.
  • Lifeline - tel 6314300, psychological crisis support in the form of face-to-face appointments and telephone counselling (Mon, Tue, Wed, 12-19 and Sun, Fri 15-19), in Estonian and Russian.   
  • Pregnancy crisis counselling on + 372 800 2008 (daily from 9 am to 9 pm, free) Through telephone counselling we provide initial support and information on problematic issues.


  • Irina Loginova, psychologist, psychotherapist, art therapist, psychosomatologist , and member of the Wiesbaden Association of Positive Psychotherapy. Work experience as a psychologist since 2005. Call 9:00-17:00 tel. 5444 0784
  • Lilia Komissarova psychologist, a specialist in working with metaphorical associative maps. Call 9:00-17:00 tel. 5420 0016
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