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Give Spark Campaign ⚡️

A candlelit dinner or reading a book while wrapped in a blanket sounds like idyllic quality time? The evenings of Ukrainian families who are forced to carry out their daily activities in a dark and cold room due to constant power outages are significantly less fairytale-like. It gets even worse when vital patient monitors remain silent in hospitals and schools go dark.

As a result of last year's campaign, we bought a generator for the water pumping station of the Kharkiv region - the generator still successfully supports the system, which provides water for up to a million people in the most critical moments. Generators are needed a lot in Ukraine, especially against winter: to provide heat, light and water in homes, hospitals, schools, public institutions.

In cooperation with street artist Edward von Lõngus, we created special donation souvenirs last year. We will continue to sell the same souvenirs this year as well.


Choose the donation souvenir you like down below, enter your name and e-mail address, make the payment via the bank link and wait for the link to the form where you can indicate how you want to receive the souvenir.

To support the purchase of generators by purchasing MULTIPLE souvenirs:
  • Choose the donation souvenirs you like:
    • postcard (10 eur)
    • candle (25 eur)
    • canvas 30x45cm (150 eur)
  • Make a donation/transfer in the appropriate amount to our donations account: 
    MTÜ Eesti Pagulasabi
    Explanation: Generator - *name the nr of items you donated in value*
  • Fill in the delivery information HERE.
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